What are your favorite Spanish wines and sherries?

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I couldn’t believe the price of wine in the supermarkets in England the last time I was there! I never used to like wine when I was younger and thought most of it tasted like vinegar, but now I can’t get enough of a nice Spanish wine! I started out with a red Rioja crianza or reserve, I’m still not too keen on the younger ones, but have found other wines I like. Oh, and I prefer it out of the fridge too. Nice and cold.

If you like Rioja, you’ll probably find Navara province wine quite nice as it’s usually a blend of Tempranillo (the usual grapes used in Rioja) and Cabernet Sauvignon. cheersI thought I’d never find a white wine I like, but Campo Viejo’s semi-seco white Rioja is one of the nicest wines I’ve ever tasted, not that I’m a wine expert or anything!

I don’t like Valdepeñas province wine at all, I find it too fruity and prefer the woody flavor. If you’re on a tight buget, Mercadona do a La Mancha crianza wine called Fidencio for €1.50 a bottle and this has a nice woody taste.

I know it’s mostly seen as a grandma’s drink but I also like both sweet and dry sherries, with Manzanilla and Chiclanero finos being my favorite dries and Moscatel and Oloroso being my favorite sweets. I think Oloroso is magic and tastes like Christmas pudding.

Anyway, get down to Mercadona and buy some Fidencio for €1.50, it’s the nicest wine you’ll find at that price and I’m sipping on a glass as I speak!

Feel free to comment on your favorites and even the price and where to buy if you like.


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