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advertising square offers a simple yet very powerful advertising model designed to reach our entire audience.

How does it work?
All you need to do to get a premium advertising square is add your self to our business directory choosing the “Advertising Square” payment option. You can upload an image to be used as your advert and choose whether to link your advert directly to your own website or to your business directory listing page.

If you don’t have an advert image, don’t worry! You can still have an ad square. If you don’t upload an advert image, your advertising square will show your business directory listing title and part of the description (like the sample shown here).


Does this mean your advert will be seen by our entire audience?advertising square
We display four randomly chosen advertising square image (with maximum dimensions of 200 pixels wide and 200 pixels high just like the sample shown here) in a prime location on each page.

Our website is aimed at returning readers so many people come back to our website to see what’s new. The average reader views at least 5 pages per visit.


What happens when a potential customer clicks my advert?
Usually when someone clicks an advert on a website it opens a new page which would navigate to your own website where you would explain your services more thoroughly.

If you don’t have your own website there’s no need to worry, you can set your advertising square to go to your business directory listing on cadiza where readers can see your full business description and any contact details you have entered.


How much does it cost?
The beauty of our advertising system being so simple yet powerful is that the price options are simple and very good value. There is 1 price of €100 per year. You will receive a notification by email when your business directory listing expires and you can choose if you’d like to renew.


how do I get started?
Just sign up or log in and click the Add directory entry link under your profile image on the home page to start the process. The options are fairly simple to follow but if you get stuck, you can check the FAQ or contact us for help. You can even upgrade your current business directory listing to a premium advertising square package.

Get in touch with @cadiza using a PM (private message) or contact us for more information.