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A Frog in the Pond

Just got back from a vacation to the UK on Friday. We went for 2 weeks and the swimming pool was crystal clear and had plenty of chlorine in before we left. While we were gone, the 50mph winds had blown most of the neighbors leaves in our pool and the water had gone green :(.

A pretty dark shade of green too, and not only that but a great big frog had moved in! How the frog got over the 6ft high walls is a complete mystery, but maybe it blew over in the wind.

Most people would believe the pool needed emptying in the state it was when we got back but a 5l bottle of floculante and 2kg of shock chlorine, a good hoover and it’s back to how it was before, yippee!

It’s surprising how easily you can turn the water around when it starts to look bad, so save the water to refill and just pump loads of chlorine based chemicals in instead :).

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