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A nice day out near Medina Sidonia on Alvaro Domecq´s estate

SEE: The natural beauty of the estate, the different stages in the life of the fighting bulls, horses, oxen, cows and other animals in the fighting bulls’  environment.
HEAR: The birdsong, the bellowing of the bulls, the neighing of the horses, the sound of the cowbells… and the quiet of the countryside, the Andalusian pastures.
SMELL: The aromas of damp earth and dry grasses.
FEEL: The caress of the wind on your skin.
TASTE: Enjoy a glass of sherry with friends.

There are no display of bull fighting or anything that you might find upsetting. It is a family friendly venue, suitable for all ages from the youngest to the oldest

Quote from a recent visitor: Diana Thurston
“A Thoroughly enjoyable morning spent on Alvaro Domecq´s estate… a beautiful and tasteful show which introduced us to the spectacular countryside. A really interesting insight into a world which many people, even Spaniards, rarely have the opportunity to see. We shall definately repeat the experience the next time we are in Spain”.
For more information Inc directions, prices and opening times  please visit their website

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