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Jerez airport parking at OLOFPARK

Last year we flew from Jerez airport to London Stanstead airport and parked our car at a car park near the airport. This year I was searching for the same car park on the internet and couldn’t find it with Google. I had to drive to the airport to find the name which is OLOFPARK. their website is olofpark.com where you can make a reservation.

It only costs €45 for two weeks parking but the booking form is in Spanish, although it’s easy to follow. You just choose from the calendar “Fecha de llegada” is arrival date and “Fecha de salida” is the date you pick your car back up. olofparkClick “Reservar” and enter your first and last name in the “Nombre y Appelido” box, your car registration number in the “Matricula” box, enter your email address, choose your payment method from PayPal or credit card from the “Metodo de Pago” options and click the button to pay. We used PayPal to pay last year.

The price is very good and is better than the official airport car park but the only downside is it is a 10 minute walk from the airport but you can always get a taxi. There is a phone number for a taxi on their website but we just walked last year so I don’t know if the taxi company speaks English.

As the link for the website was not easy to find, I thought I would mention this here for others who might be trying to find it and for myself when I forget the name of the place next year 😉

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