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La Ruta de la Tapa (Tapas Route)

Throughout the year along the coast and many inland towns and cities in Spain, a handful of bars offer a small tapas of their choice and small glass of sherry, wine or beer for around a couple of euros (the price varies depending on which town you’re in).

The tapas route is a great way to experience the local food as you don’t get to choose what your served at each establishment. Obviously, if you don’t fancy eating octopus tentacles, or you don’t like squid, you can skip these ones along the route. tapasYou can pick up a map showing each participating location from the tourist office or from a participating bar, which will usually advertise it using a poster or on a chalkboard.

This will be the fourth tapas route in the Cadiz province and so far we’ve had a go at each in Chiclana de la Frontera and last year in Cadiz. Although we have never visited all the participating locations as the opening times of some don’t fit well with others if you treat it like a good old fashioned pub crawl.

Previously, in the Chiclana one, you can get a stamp at each place you visit and can send the leaflet off stating which was your favorite. The participating bar which gets the most votes wins the title of best tapas. I’m not sure if this is the same for the other towns though.

Malaga has an official website for its tapas route, as do many other cities along the east side of the coast, but these don’t show the dates for which it starts and finishes and the dates do vary for each town. You should call in to the tourist information office to find out if it’s happening in your town and the dates, and pick up a map and stamp leaflet.

The tapas route is a brilliant idea, and is a great activity to do with family and friends. Below is a list of some of the participating towns and cities in the Cadiz province for 2013:

I’ll try to add the dates and links as and when I can find them but don’t hold me to it ‘cos I might forget ;). Here’s a link to a Spanish blog which has info about many of the others.

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