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Play padel tennis in Roche

The padel club in Roche is great for beginners who fancy playing but don’t have a partner to team up with or can’t get a group of four together to fill a court. We play on a Wednesday evening at 6:30pm in the summer, when it’s lighter at night, and 6:00pm the rest of the year. The session is 3 hours long with short breaks between games before changing partners and play against others.

Many of you will already know what padel, is but for those that don’t…

Padel is a form of tennis which is played on a smaller court with walls around it. The scoring is the same as in tennis and you don’t need to do as much running around, if you don’t want to that is. Serving is performed by bouncing the ball and hitting it with an under arm swing, which is easier than serving in tennis, and the balls are slightly softer than tennis balls. For a history of padel or for more details on the rules of the game, see the Wikipedia page here.

I’d always wanted to play since I first heard about the game, a friend told me about the padel club and I love it! I go every week and it’s great fun. The other members of the club are currently mostly English and a few Spanish, they’re really friendly and we’d love for more people to come and join in the fun.

All nationalities, ages and skill levels are welcome and you don’t need to over do it with the exercise. The price is €3 per person which pays towards the court hire and balls.

The courts are about 10 minutes drive from Chiclana de la Frontera and about the same from El Colorado. For a map showing the location and more information, see here.

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