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La Barrosa beach, translation “The Muddy“, is not muddy at all. It’s in fact, the gorgeous white sand beach of Chiclana de la Frontera. Stretching almost 8 kilometers in length and seperated from Sancti Petri beach by a cliff, it’s the ideal beach for a long stroll. The beach, although very spacious, becomes quite crowded in the summer months being very popular among the Spanish locals and tourists alike.

The beach has good facilities including showers and toilets, services including lifeguards and holds a Blue Flag Beach award and Calidad Turistica certification. There is a long promenade running adjacent to the fine sandy beach which is kept very clean and contains many bars & restaurants, an exercise park and one or two skaters giving it the real holiday feeling.

The fantastic sandy beach is around 30 metres wide and is kept clean & tidy and combed in the summer months. It attracts many visitors for sun bathing and relaxing in the high season, while it’s warm, and more visitors for water sports such as surfing and kayaking in the autumn & winter seasons. It’s lovely to see large Spanish families settled for the day with parasols, deck chairs and cool boxes enjoying the sun and with waves reaching a good height for both beginners and professionals, it’s great watching the surfers.

The beach has a few play parks for the children and the promenade really comes to life in the summer with the odd sand sculpture, a few market stalls and entertainment. There’s a summer cinema on the beach “cine de verano en la playa” in an evening at the beginning of August with the showing of a movie on a mobile cinema screen on the sand which is one of those strange “must see” events.

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Although the beach can be quite crowded, it always has a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Carretera de La Barrosa, the road which runs from one end of the beach to the other, is set back about 70 metres from the with attractive looking Spanish apartment blocks separating it from site of the beach. The main access roads to the beach have more bars, restaurants and small shops, as does Carretera de La Barrosa, on both sides which offers lots of choice for food & drink and a greate nightlife if you like relaxation.

While La Barrosa is the main beach of Chiclana de la Frontera, it is around a 10-15 minute drive from the town centre which tends to leave the town centre very quiet in the evenings while many of the locals enjoy the tranquility of one of the best beaches in Spain.

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