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Top cocktails for summer 2013

We all love a good cocktail and here a my recommendations for this year. A “must have” to make cocktails is a good blender or smoothie maker, I found with smoothie makers they are a pain to clean especially the one with the tap. The one I ordered last year is perfect and only £24 with free delivery to UK and Spain Kenwood Smoothie 2GO, Silver my sister ordered one as soon as she got home.

First is the Mojito, I’ve made many mojitos each time trying to lower the calorie intake, I’ve settled on this recipe.
25ml Rum is 50cal
Limes or lemons (I’ve used un-ripened lemons)
7up, sprite or similar (no sugar is much sweeter stopping you from adding more sugar)
Ice, crushed if possible.
1tsp sugar or honey if needs.

This next one was actually our favourite from last year but it will be returning this year.
Last year I experimented a lot with these, I found bags of frozen fruit is a must have as I tried to freeze my own but it all stuck together in one huge block.
Frozen fruit or fresh fruit and ice.

Mixed together in your blender/smoothie maker

Debbie’s Strawpagne cocktail. I’m not sure if the name will catch on but this is one ill be testing quite a lot this year.
1/2 cup of strawberrys blended with
A shot of orange or peach liqueur
Sprig of mint to garnish

Sea breeze is another simple one, if you are counting the cals, watch out for low sugar fruit juices.
3 part Grapefruit
2 part cranberry
1 part vodka

Serve over ice

Why not try some lager cocktails, here’s 2 to get you started

Lager muscat
Simply add your favourite sweet sherry to your favourite lager and pour over ice.

Beer breezer
Pour your favourite strong lager into a chilled glass then add a shot of vodka and 2 dashes of tabasco or similar.

There’s my recommendations for this year, please feel free to add one of your own. I was going to add a non alcoholic one but as there are hundreds of good ones out there and the fact I have no interest in them I chose not to. I tend to put out all the mixers and juices on the side and get your children to experiment on making their own, of course don’t forget to move the good stuff (alcoholic drinks) out of their reach.

Here’s some more “must haves” for all you cocktailiers out there.

Three Piece Barman’s Kit free delivery to UK and Spain

Party Fishbowl

Glowing LED Pitcher and Cocktail Glasses Set

Please feel free to add your favourite drinks below

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