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Top Tips: Mosquitos

Well, here we go again, sat outside having that lovely BBQ and enjoying a few drinks with good company… The sun starts going down its looks beautiful But wait… You can’t stay out and watch the sunset, you need to run in the house and quick. They’re here, they are hungry and for some reason they love ME!

What would it be like to stay outside and not worry about “mosquito time”? What would it be like to sit outside early morning with your first cup of tea without a care in the world?

Since being a child and going abroad with my parents, I’ve always been their food. Like a fly strip you stick the the ceiling, that’s me! The one with the spotty legs. From experience I know most plug ins in the bedrooms don’t work, so what does work? What will help us deter the unwanted, unneeded evil little bitters away from me and my family?

Pop up dome net

The bites are itchy and horrible but the other annoying thing about mosquitoes is having them hovering around your head while your trying to sleep! We first moved to Spain around 3.5 years ago. We moved into a rental property were the pool hadn’t been cleaned for quite sometime and had become a breeding heaven for many critters and with no nets on the windows or doors, it was difficult keeping them out of the house. We put up the standard nets around the beds, the ones that drop from the ceiling, and didn’t find them to be that effective. We found a dome/tent style net for the bed which was much better and is available on at £38.80 Pyramid Mosinet Mosquito Net – Double White (See the image to the right) and Framed Single Mosquito Net at £42.51.

Quite a few “electronic mosquito repellers” have started to pop up over the last few years. They give out a ultrasonic high pitched sound which is thought to be similar to the sound from a dragon fly’s wings but there is no evidence to sustain that these devices actually work.

Last year, there were mentions of a working method to repel flies & mosquitoes which involved placing coins into clear plastic bags full of water. This method also has no conclusive evidence to sustain that it works.

After researching, these are the top recommendations:

  1. Of course Is DEET products! I personally would NOT buy any spray etc… that didn’t have DEET in it. Jungle Formula Maximum is a recommended product.
  2. Citronella oil, cinnamon oil and castor oil are reputed to scare off the mosquitoes. Oil of lemon eucalyptus is sold as a product called Repel®. Repel
    is a 40% formulation of naturally-derived eucalyptus and has a pleasant scent and feel without any plasticizing properties. It is also effective at repelling ticks.
  3. Make your own natural mosquito repellent using a simple burner with a candle. Some water and an essential oil like lemon eucalyptus, lavender or catnip (a mixture of few oil types is preferred).
  4. Avoid wearing heavy, dark clothing in warm weather. Mosquitoes are attracted to warm bodies, so staying cool is an effective way to avoid bites.
  5. Use lighting that does not attract mosquitoes around doorways, windows and porches. Mosquitoes shouldn’t hang around if the light is sourced from LED lights, yellow bug lights or sodium lamps.

Here are some links on how to make homemade mosquito traps:

They might not work but even if they don’t, at least it’s very pretty???

I’ll be trying all these and if you know any more please post your comments below. A happy bite free summer to you all… Hopefully 🙂

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