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  1. Website and Forum Privacy

    You can decide how much personal information you would like to share with other cadiza.com readers/members by editing your profile. cadiza.com will never give your personal details to any other member or marketing company. We will only use your email address for admin email unless you have signed up to the newsletter, then you’ll get a (not junk!) email from us every now and then

    if you include your email address and/or telephone number in a comment, member article or forum post, cadiza.com is not responsible if you get spammed!

    We will do our very best to protect you personal data but in the unlikely event of a database security breach, cadiza.com can not and will not be held responsible for the loss and/or unauthorized access of personal data.


  2. cadiza Newsletter

    If you have opted in to our newsletter upon registering on our website, you will be given an option to opt out  in the newsletter email it’s self. This option is provided in the form of a link at the very bottom of the newsletter email. Clicking this link will remove your email address from our newsletter database, you will then only receive administration emails.


  3. Web Browser Cookies

    cadiza uses web browser cookies to log you in/keep you logged in to our website and may also use affiliate tracking web browser cookies where necessary. These web browser cookies are small files and contain no maliciousness.

    Any advertisements or external links on this website navigate to 3rd Party websites. These websites may use web browser cookies for tracking purposes. Advertisers used by our website are trusted entities and the web browser cookies used are small files and should contain no maliciousness. 3rd party web browser cookies are out of our control. Cookies can be removed by deleting your web browser history.

    No cookies or web beacons are used by cadiza.com to collect any personal information.


  4. Changes

    This privacy policy is subject to minor changes and can be modified at any time.

    Content may be added or removed without notification and, although changes may be mentioned in our forum, it is advised for our users to check back here for changes regularly.


  5. Questions & Suggestions

    We take privacy very seriously and are very interested in our user’s input. We would be very happy to hear about any changes you think we should make to our privacy policy. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our privacy policy or any changes we have made, feel free to contact us.