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Rock n Burger, Chiclana de la Frontera

After hearing nothing but good reviews about the restaurant in the Los Gallos area of Chiclana, I decided to try it for myself..

I visited with a group of friends a few weeks back and I was pleasantly surprised, I’ve never been drawn to having a burger and every time I visit the famous fast food restaurants I always have chicken. So I was very surprised to learn how much more they do, I didn’t have to have burger, happy days, the starters part of the menu had so many different choices on, all my favourites, were they expecting me all this time, I thought??

So not being able to pull myself away from that page I chose 4 starters. I had spring rolls, chicken wings, stuffed peppers and freshly baked bruschetta bread with tomatoes. I enjoyed them all, but seeing all the other plates coming out and then realising all their pasta dishes are homemade, I will be having pasta next time and maybe just one starter. And I must admit the burgers looked and sounded very tasty (I can’t believe I just said that).

I’ve eaten at a lot more expensive restaurants and not been served with the quality of food that we were served with at Rock n Burger, the prices are low and like me you will be surprised. I spoke with the manager the day after my visit and here’s what he told me

Hi Debbie, glad to hear you enjoyed dinner last night and hope you all had a good time. My partner and I opened the bar about 18 months ago and have slowly formed a very good clientele of expats along with the majority of our local Spanish clients.

We pride ourselves in using only fresh ingredients, flour and cheeses from Italy and most veggies as grown as close to chiclana as possible. Previously I owned Il Bacio in novo, an Italian and fusion restaurant and previous to that I had a restaurant for 22 years in the states.

We speak Spanish, Italian, English and Romanian at the bar and hoping to learn French too seeing the increase of French customers. Anyhow, our specialties are fresh minced in house burgers, naples style pizzas and a few homemade pastas followed by some homemade puddings prepared by my mum.

Federico and Emilia.


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